Carecloud Cloud & Desktop Medical Suite

Focus on patients, not paperwork

DNA Creative's Carecloud Platform is a unique and modern EHR System that provides the full range of charting, documentation and practice management tools you require, wrapped in an intuitive user interface that is remarkably easy to learn and use. Cloud-based or locally installed, it’s always on and available, and requires nothing more than your computer and Internet connectivity. It’s secure and user friendly, for the peace of mind you need as you move to a paperless world.

Dedicated for every medical specialization

DNA Creative's Carecloud consists of two parts, a main core with extensive scheduling and patient management capabilities which can be expanded with one or more medical specialization modules. This functionality makes Carecloud Platform unique for every doctor, clinic or hospital with all the functionality needed and nothing more!


Extensive scheduling functionality with easy to use calendars. Customize views, export daily calendar, color code visits, search based on a number of criteria and get automatic online reminders for activities related to the practice.


Extensive and easily customizable charting system.

Easy ePrescribing

Save time and eliminate phone calls with electronic prescribing. Subscripitons can be automatically sent to patients and to the Government ePrescribing Platform.

Convenient eLabs

Automate inefficient paper based processes with eLabs functionality. All tests can be exported or imported using electronic records from most labs

Integrated Patient Portal

Share important medical and billing information and communicate with patients securely at any time.


Carecloud Platform promotes doctor collaboration providing telemedicine features for free, especially for doctors in remote places or villages who do not have access to hospitals or clinics.

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