Confirmed! Microsoft Edge Will be Available on Linux

Microsoft tried to gain its lost position by creating Edge, a brand new web browser built with EdgeHTML and Chakra engine. It was tightly integrated with Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana and Windows 10.

However, it still could not bring the crown home and as of today, it stands at the fourth position in desktop browser usage share.

Designing an App with Drupal and React Native

One day you might wake up with the next big idea that will shake the world in the most ungentle way. You decide to build an app, because you’ll have full access to all features of the device that you want your solution to work on. But then it dawns on you: you will actually need to build multiple apps in completely different languages while finding a way for them to serve the same content...

VueJS Meetup Athens

Vue.js is a progressive javascript framework for building user interfaces. Its success depends on its limited size and its gentle learning curve. Our goal is to build a community that is eager to learn more about Vue.js, understand how it works under the hood and also share knowledge.

A Guide On How To Develop A Hybrid App Using Drupal 7 and Ionic Framework

Do you know the difference between a native mobile app vs. web app? And how are these apps different from hybrid applications?

NetBeans Day Athens 2017


  • 9:00-9:30: Registration, coffee
  • 9:30-9:35: Welcome and NetBeans Days History (Ioannis Kostaras, NetBeans Dream Team)
  • 9:35-10:00: Welcome and NetBeans roadmap (Geertjan Wielenga: NetBeans Product Manager, Oracle)

A Guide to Drupal + Magento Integration

When we needed to combine the power of Drupal’s CMS and Magento Digital Commerce to create best-in-class digital experiences for enterprise brands, there was only one way to do it: Build it ourselves.

Acquia, Magento Commerce Forge Partnership to Unify Content and Commerce

Merchants to Benefit from Seamless, Highly Customized Shopping Experiences

Faster web design with rapid paper prototyping

Eva-Lotta Lamm will be at Generate London in September, where she'll host an all-day workshop on sketching interfaces. She'll also be talking about how to kickstart your sketching skills; book today so as not to miss out!


Whether you’re a SEO practitioner, a webmaster, or a Drupal developer who works on a daily basis, having a web technology that enhances search engine optimization (SEO) is never underrated. In fact, choosing a CMS that assists to elevate your site to the top results of search engine results page (SERP) should be planned before setting your foot on building your websites.


10 HTML tips for improving your email deliverability

Three years ago, a Mailjet team member experienced a surprising situation with one of the clients of his former employer.

10 HTML tips for improving your email deliverability



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