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DNA Creative WebTV and Radio Solutions are full featured and fully automated applications for running a TV or Radio Station over Internet.

So what makes our software the best internet media solutions?

Intelligent Library: Audio / Video files are building blocks for playlists. Simply drag and drop from the Media Library to create audio and video playlists from which to construct shows. With our intelligent library, you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Media Builder: Airtime allows you to drag-and-drop audio files from your library into playlists. Playlists are the building blocks of shows. Once made, they stay in your library for reuse. Our visual cue editor allows you to quickly edit any silence off the end of tracks, ensuring you’re always on the air. Our in browser preview lets you cue up your content beforehand, leaving no room for mistakes. Intuitive drag and drop interface Visual control of cue in/out and fade in/out points for tracks and playlists Preview tracks and edit metadata in-browser Download option for easier sharing and editing Automatic cut-off for shows longer than scheduled length

Program Calendar Our intuitive design means just about anyone can quickly navigate the schedule. View it by week, month or day to focus in on the finer details of your programming. Additionally, our color coded shows let DJs find their content quickly. That means more time for planning quality content. Easy to use interface similar to Google Calendar Drag and drop shows to new timeslots Day, week and month views Daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly repeat settings Color-coded content aids identification

Show Linking and Repeating Show linking allows you to create repeating shows that share the same template. By creating a smart block in one show and linking it, it will be dynamically generated every time. This is great for things like overnights where you might not want to program specific content but you certainly don’t want to go off air.

Live Broadcast Broadcast to your Airtime station with almost any Icecast-compatible third party software, like Mixxx. With Airtime, you can seamlessly transition between your programmed content and live events like an on-location interview or a live DJ set. Airtime supports two types of live input stream; the Show Source, which enables a specific person to stream in during their own show, and the Master Source, which can override the Show Source if necessary. If neither type of live input is available, Airtime will fall back to Scheduled Play.

A Home for your Radio Station, on the Web Don’t have a website yet? Each Airtime Pro station comes with a Radio Page available on the web at yourstation.airtime.pro, and can be easily shared with your friends and listeners. On the Radio Page, your fans can listen live to your station, view your upcoming show schedule, and read about your station. Read more about the Radio Page.

Embeddable Player Widget Embed your Airtime radio station onto your website in seconds, with the Airtime Pro Player widget. This simple, yet powerful website widget delivers your radio station to listeners on desktop browsers or compatible mobile devices, automatically selecting the best stream.

A Built-in Podcast for your Radio Station Reach more listeners with a built-in podcast feed for your station. Not only will your listeners be able to catch up through their favorite podcatching apps, but they can also listen on-demand via your Radio Page.


Playout History Detailed reporting that’s exportable into multiple formats gives you the ability to quickly and easily get your paperwork together for licensing bodies. Listener Statistics Check your hourly listener statistics to find out which shows are the most popular and provide your advertisers with data on how many listeners they received.

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