Privacy Challenges and Solutions for Medical Data Sharing

Various types of data, including demographics, clinical, and genomic information, are increasingly collected and stored in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and biomedical research repositories. Such data have been traditionally used in automating the workflow of healthcare, but were recently recognized as an invaluable source for performing large-scale and low-cost biological, medical, and healthcare analysis and decision making.

Fraud Prevention Tips Every E-Commerce Merchant Should Know

Since last year, the average number of monthly fraud attempts has spiked by 33 percent, with just under half (46 percent) getting past merchants’ fraud mitigation efforts (2016 LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study).


Security sophisticates tend to be plenty cynical about “typical users” – especially when it comes to choosing strong passwords. But, according to computer security researchers at CyLab, Carnegie Mellon’s Security and Privacy Institute, ordinary users aren’t quite as dumb as advertised. And their misunderstandings fall into just four specific categories. That’s actually a pretty manageable amount of education.

Writing secure code for Drupal

Writing custom code for Drupal CMS is an easy process, as our favourite CMS provides a clean, extensive and easy to implement API.

But is our custom code secure?


Drupal Camp 2016 - Drupal Security Presentation

DNA Creative Group prodly presents Drupal Security Best Practices is Drupal Camp Greece 2016.

Presentation Download Link:

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